Where we get your information from


Referring Establishment / Centre – Hospital, Private Medical Consultants, GPs, others involved in your care
From You – when you complete our forms, contact us, when we visit you as part of patient support and nurse programme, during our delivery process of your medicine, online, etc.
Clinicians, Nurses & Therapist– when they visit you to provide a service they will gather information from you which is noted on our clinician evaluation forms and your patient record.
Laboratories – as part of any medical blood testing results.
Legal – Solicitors, Legal Representatives acting on your behalf or managing any claim, arranging your treatment for you and paying for your care.
Regulators – Where you have approached them independently to act on your behalf
Medical Insurance Companies – where they fund your care, we will receive information about you and your insurance policy
Research and Survey companies – when we supply limited information e.g. name and contact details to carry out these activities on our behalf.
Social Care and Safeguarding agencies – to enable us and them carry out our legal obligations for patient safety and care.
Third Parties – Advertising networks, analytics & IT providers, persistence and adherence management providers.


Other People – “recipient” you have authorised to act on your behalf or receive medicine when we carry out our deliveries. We will also hold their minimal personal information on your patient record.
Parent, Guardian or Responsible Person – assigned and recorded to act on behalf of a paediatric patient (infant, children and adolescents) or someone who lacks capacity