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Services built on exceptional insight and experience

Connecting pharmaceutical companies, insurers and healthcare professionals to patients.

Why choose Sciensus?

Our clinical experience combined with profound patient insight and emerging technologies help 240,000 patients a year make the most of their medicine.

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Leading the way for 30 years

Our long experience and 70 million patient interactions puts patients at the centre of managing their therapy, supporting them to be in control.

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Safe, reliable medicines dispensing

As Europe’s largest speciality pharmacy our extensive distribution network ensures safe and reliable medicine dispensing and storage.

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Unparalleled clinical expertise

As over 55% of our workforce are clinically qualified, patients are supported by highly-trained clinicians, nurses, therapists and pharmacists.

Regardless of complex logistics and multiple safety checks, Sciensus works smoothly. It is convenient for patients and consultants and is very safe. Patients love the service and I would fully recommend it.

Dr Gleb Ivanov, a consultant haematologist based in Surrey
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‘First class service’ helped Carena get through cancer second time around


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