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Sciensus NHS portal

Enables NHS colleagues to self-serve, accessing data about their patients and prescriptions.

Benefits of the portal

  • Patient query log a patient query before 3pm for a same day response with visibility of actions taken by the Sciensus team.
  • Find a patient – view a list and see details of your existing patients.
  • Medication deliveries – view a patient’s medication deliveries.
  • Patient prescription history – view a patient’s prescription history and see the related purchase order (PO) numbers.
  • Communications summary – view a summary timeline of communications which Sciensus have had with a patient.
  • Prescriptions due – review a list of patients’ due a prescription.
  • Paper prescriptions – tell Sciensus that you have sent a paper prescription.
  • Privacy and security – login securely and only see patients related to your trust or hospital.

Log in to the portal

If you don’t currently have access and would like to set this up, please use the contact us page and our teams will support you.

We now have easy access to the same information as the Sciensus customer services team, so we have no time wasted responding to customer queries.

Zahraa Hammoud, Homecare and Procurement Lead Pharmacist, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH)