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Our approach.

Our expertise drives greater patient engagement. Guided by more than 70 million powerful patient interactions, we uncover invaluable real-world insight to help pharmaceutical companies and clinicians drive greater patient engagement and improve medical adherence.

Greater patient engagement leads to better health outcomes

Engaging and empowering patients to become more active participants in their health journey is key to ensuring they can get the most out of their medication and overall treatment. Patients who are actively involved in managing their condition make healthier choices, ask for advice when they need it, take their medication as prescribed and – crucially – achieve better outcomes. Powered by advanced patient apps, digital health platforms and in-person support, we collect meaningful insights from patients about how they interact with their medicines in the real world. Armed with this insight, we develop and deliver innovative patient support programmes and help clinicians and pharmaceutical companies to drive better outcomes for patients.


Treatments that put people first

See how we’re driving positive change in healthcare through real-world data and insights and by engaging patients to become more active participants in their treatment.