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About us

Every day patients use Sciensus, and every day they teach us a little more. While medicine is about science, our 70 million patient interactions have taught us, at its best, it must first be about the science of people.

A fresh perspective on patient insights

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Leading pharma services business

Sciensus is a leading pharma services business which proudly sits at the intersection of patients and their medicine, specifically those patients with chronic conditions, rare & orphan diseases and cancer. For over 30 years we’ve supported patients across the UK and Europe to access life-changing treatment. Using our 70 million patient interactions, which are growing exponentially on our digital platform, we are uncovering data and insight about patients and their medicine. We use this to deploy innovative programmes for patients as well as providing valuable insight and real world evidence for both Physicians and Pharmaceutical companies.

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Empowering patients through knowledge and technology

Combining this powerful knowledge with the latest technology helps over 240,000 patients a year make the most of their medicine. We put the practical, emotional and clinical support they need, right at their fingertips. It’s about supporting, coaching and empowering people so that they are motivated to reach their goals, achieve better outcomes and continue with their lives.

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Harnessing technology and insight for healthcare evolution

The world of healthcare is changing faster than ever. Sciensus are leading the way by recognising that emerging technologies must be partnered with profound patient insight. Because, to understand how medicines work best, you must first understand ‘us’: the people who take them.

Sciensus | The Science of Us

How we connect patients with the medicines they need


Our vision

To be the global leader in helping each and every patient make the most of their medicine.



Our mission

To give patients control of their health through knowledge, choice, convenience and connection.

Patients are at the heart of everything we do

The world is changing, and so is the world of healthcare. At Sciensus we are leading that change by putting patients first and empowering them to manage their health better.

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Providing patients and customers with the information they need through patient-centric services.

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Giving patients and customers choice, enabling them to schedule and select services.



Enabling patients to get the support they need to achieve positive health outcomes.

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Connecting healthcare providers and patients, by providing better visibility of the patient experience.

What makes us different


Experts in a whole range of therapies

Servicing over 50 therapy areas, from rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology to cancer treatments, and rare diseases.


Partners with the healthcare team

To ensure patients are fully supported, we work in partnership with everyone involved in their care, from hospital consultants and pharmacists.


Patient empowerment through service evolution

We’re constantly innovating and improving our service to support patients in feeling more in control of their health.

We are global

We have an international network and coverage to reach patients across UK, Europe and beyond.

Leaders with purpose

Combining a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience, our executive team fosters a culture of collaboration, ambition and innovation, to deliver value for patients, partners, investors and our people.

Darryn Gibson

Chief Executive Officer

Darryn Gibson

Richard Blyth

Chief Marketing and Product Officer

Richard Blyth

Jonathan Asbridge

Chief Clinical Officer

Professor Sir Jonathan Asbridge

Gordon Cox

Chief Operating Officer

Gordon Cox

John Bradshaw

Group Company Secretary

John Bradshaw

Geoff Barnett

UK Commercial Director

Geoff Barnett

Tony Brackner

Interim Managing Director, Rare

Tony Brackner

Jackie Reeves

Human Resources Director

Jackie Reeves