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How Sciensus team coaches support excellent customer and patient service
How Sciensus team coaches support excellent customer and patient service
06 October 2020

In our latest blog, Customer and Patient Services (CPS) Team Coach Shauni Ellam’s role focuses on driving continuous improvement in all CPS standards. Here she tells us how she engages with her colleagues and why her role is so important.

I became a team leader with Sciensus (the new name for Healthcare at Home) in 2014 and since then my role has developed into that of a coach – this sees me spending more of my time engaging positively with colleagues and supporting their development.

I coach them to further improve their performance, skills and knowledge on a day-to-day basis and I also hold monthly one-to-ones and personal development reviews 3 times a year. These help me to support their wellbeing, make sure they are getting the most out of their job and providing the best service to patients.

Keeping team engagement levels high

I coach colleagues within the company’s ‘outgoing’ customer and patient services teams, and the way we work has changed over the last few months due to the Covid-19 response. More team members are working remotely from home, so much of what I do in my coaching role is done virtually now.

The team’s main purpose is to call patients and arrange their medication deliveries. I try to create a range of events throughout the year that are fun to take part in, while driving productivity. For example, we ran an Olympics challenge across the whole of Customer and Patient Services, in which each team coach was given a country (ours was Sweden). We competed in a triathlon challenge, to see who could book the most patient medication deliveries during the target time.

We also run ‘power hours’ and ‘beat the boss’ hours, when I return to the coordinator role for an hour alongside the team to see if anyone can beat my success rate for booking deliveries.

The targets we set are all about improving the service we offer patients – that’s why they are related not just to the number of calls we make but to the outcomes for patients related to those calls, by way of deliveries booked.

Focusing on improvement

Another key element of my role is to maintain and improve standards, and develop team members into mentors and trainers.

It’s crucial that we all share the same ambition – a one call resolution and getting things right first time. I support colleagues by listening in on calls to give them ‘live’ feedback on the rapport they build with patients to help build their skills and support their development.

With the training offered by Sciensus plus the support of team coaches, we can be confident that we have a customer and patient services team that puts our patients first, is motivated to deliver on their individual needs in the most efficient way, and works together with colleagues across Healthcare at Home to deliver the best service we can.

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