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Cancer care at home

Exceptional cancer care at home, delivered by experts.

Starting cancer treatment can sometimes feel daunting, so we want you to know that with us, you’re in safe, expert hands. Wherever you are in your cancer journey, we’re here to give you the choice, convenience and comfort of having your treatment at home.

Making a positive choice

We’re the UK’s leading provider of cancer treatments at home, supporting patients and their families. Our kind, caring team of specialist cancer nurses, clinical nurse specialists and practice development nurses  brings systemic anticancer therapies (SACT), including chemotherapy, to thousands of patients every month, and they’ll be right by your side, every step of the way.

If that feels like the right choice for you, we’ll work closely with your consultant, following their treatment plan, keeping them updated every step of the way, and helping you make the most of the medication they prescribe. You’ll see the same familiar team of friendly, experienced nurses, every visit. You’ll get the same exceptional standard of care as you would in hospital. And you’ll be where you want to be, living as normal a life as possible.

Who can have cancer treatment at home?

We usually support patients who would otherwise come to hospital for outpatient or daycase treatments, including chemotherapy. If that sounds right for you, and you’d like to find out more about cancer care at home, start by talking it through with your referring consultant. They’ll be able to tell you whether it’s an option for you, and how to take the next step.

Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL) Melanoma
Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) Meningioma
Adenocarcinoma Mesothelioma
Adenocarcinoma duodenum Metastatic – unknown location
Adrenal Gland Mouth
Appendix Multiple Myeloma
Astrocytoma Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)
Bacterial Infection Myeloma
Bile Duct Myeloproliferative Disease
Bladder Myxoid Liposarcoma
Bone Metastases Nasopharynx
Bone Tumour Unspecified Site Neoplasm
Bowel Neuroendocrine Tumour  (NET)
Bowel Disease Non Hodgkins Lymphoma
Brain Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
Brain Metastases Oesophagus
Breast Oligodendroglioma
Caecum Osteoporosis
Cancer Ovary
Cancer of Head and Neck Pancreas
Carcinoid Tumours Peritoneal
Cervix Peritoneum
Cholangiocarcinoma Polycythaemia
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) Prostate
Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML) Rectosigmoid
Colon Rectum & Anus
Colorectal Renal Cell Carcinoma
Duodenal Carcinoma Sarcoma
Endometrium Sarcoma – Buttock
Essential Thrombocytopaenia Seminoma
Fallopian Tube Skin
Gallbladder Small Cell Lung Cancer
Gastric Cancer Small Intestine
General infection Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Glioblastoma Multiforme Squamous Cell – Lung
Glioma Squamous cell of head and neck
Hairy Cell Leukaemia Stomach
Hepatocellular cancer Testis
Hip Replacement Thyroid
Hodgkins Lymphoma Tongue
Immunodeficiency Tonsil
Intra Abdominal Malignancy Transplant
Joint Infection Trophoblastic Disease
Kidney Unknown Primary
Leiomyosarcoma Ureter
Leukaemia Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
Liposarcoma Uterus
Liver Vagina
Liver Metastases Waldenstroms Macroglobulinaemia
Lung Metastases
Malignant pleural mesothelioma

Benefits of cancer treatment at home

We’ll take care of it

Our role is to work closely with everyone involved in your cancer care at home, including your consultant, hospital clinical team and pharmacist, to make sure your treatment plan is carried out as planned. Throughout your care, your specialist nurses will send regular real-time medical reports to your consultant, who’ll retain ultimate accountability for your treatment pathway at all times.

One-to-one treatment

During each treatment you’ll have a home visit from an experienced chemotherapy nurse, who’ll be there to give emotional and practical support. We know it’s reassuring to see a familiar face so, unless there’s a good reason, we strive to ensure you see the same nurse or nursing team wherever possible.

More convenient, comfortable care

Cancer treatment can be exhausting. On top of having to travel regularly to and from hospitals, you may feel tired and experience other side effects from your treatment. Having chemotherapy at home means there’s no travel, no parking, no queuing and no waiting, so you can lead as normal a life as possible.

Lower risk of infection

Your immunity is weaker during treatment, so it’s important you look after yourself and minimise your risk of cross infection from things like colds or flu, as well as public places where they’re prevalent.

Dedicated 24/7 on-call service

If you have any questions or concerns you can call our care bureau, which is a telephone advice service for you and your loved ones. The service is operated by experienced nurses providing round-the-clock support.

Why choose Sciensus for your cancer treatment at home

We’ve been bringing quality cancer care into people’s homes for almost three decades, building trusted relationships with patients, families, NHS doctors and private consultants. Today, more than 300 oncology consultants choose us for their regular referrals and our 180 specialist cancer nurses provide systemic anticancer therapy, including chemotherapy, to thousands of patients every month.

We train our outstanding nurses to master’s level and we’re regularly audited by leading regulatory bodies including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and the Care Quality Commission. Everyone’s experience with cancer is different, but we’re here to make yours as positive as possible, helping you feel comfortable, calm and in control of your treatment.

You’ll have a dedicated team

We provide you with a named team, who will get to know you, your loved ones and your needs. Included in your Sciensus Cancer care at home team will be a dedicated Patient liaison lead, who will make sure that you always have a clear view of your treatment schedule and make sure that everything goes according to plan.

High standards of safety

We take safety very seriously. That’s why we’ve established industry-leading clinical governance to make sure we continually achieve the highest standards.

Start your journey

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