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Launched last summer, Sciensus Intouch is an easy-to-use mobile app that gives patients access to everything they need to know about their condition and treatment. Anne-Marie, a member of our Readers’ Panel, has been using the technology for the past six months and shares her positive experience with us. 

Living in rural North Yorkshire, Anne-Marie says it is vital she can manage delivery of her medication and ancillary items, and book a slot when she knows she can be home to receive it. With her nearest hospital more than 25 miles away and without services on her doorstep, Anne-Marie says using Sciensus Intouch has given her peace of mind. “I can’t just easily go and pick something up, so the delivery of my medication is so important to me,” she says. “Using Sciensus Intouch means I feel confident that my medication is sorted, and I can put it to the back of my mind.” 

One of the biggest benefits for Anne-Marie is the convenience of the app. Prior to using Sciensus Intouch she had to wait for a phone call to book delivery of her medication, or she would call and organise it herself during working hours. This often presented challenges, as Anne-Marie explained: “It used to be the case that you’d get a call when you were at work, or in the supermarket, and it wasn’t always easy to talk. The app is just so convenient because you can go on it anytime – 24 hours a day – and you can add things at your convenience. You’re not caught out by having to give personal information like dates of birth and addresses when you’re in public. 

“It’s empowering to be able to manage your own medication – it fits into your timetable rather than receiving a phone call and having to fit into someone else’s.” 


Easy to use 

The ease of use is something Anne-Marie is very quick to praise, describing Sciensus Intouch as ‘very straightforward’ and a ‘smiley app that’s quite entertaining’ because of the guides who help users navigate the app. “You can also access other websites for extra information about any other conditions you might have if you want to look them up,” Anne-Marie says. “It’s just so useful to have all that knowledge in one place.”. 

While Anne-Marie is comfortable using tech herself, she says Sciensus Intouch is so user-friendly she is confident even people with very limited computer or app knowledge could navigate through its interface very easily. “I’m pretty good with technology, but I have an elderly parent who isn’t and I’m sure I could talk them through this very simply,” she added. 

Deliveries can be booked quite far in advance with Sciensus Intouch, meaning back in the summer Anne-Marie was able to book a slot three months in advance. But if that becomes unsuitable, she says it is easy for her to go back in and change it. 

With more people becoming accustomed to using online technology and mobile apps since the start of COVID-19, Anne-Marie thinks this is the perfect time for people to embrace this new technology and the support it offers to patients. 

“Sciensus Intouch is really good,” she said. “I would recommend it completely. I can’t think of anyone it wouldn’t be suitable for. It’s made life less stressful and it’s a real time saver.” 


“It’s empowering to be able to manage your own medication – it fits into your timetable rather than receiving a phone call and having to fit into someone else’s.” 

Anne-Marie – patient on service with Sciensus