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Sciensus Intouch app: your healthcare journey, in your hands

We know how important it is to feel in control of your health, so we’ve created a smart, simple app to help you do just that: it’s called Sciensus Intouch, and it puts everything you need to know about your condition and treatment, right in the palm of your hand. 

Ordering your medicines online has never been easier

With our Sciensus Intouch app, you can enjoy plenty of great features, more flexibility and control over your deliveries. 

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App-exclusive features

Check your prescription status

Simply log onto the app to see whether your prescription is available for dispatch. Once ready, you’ll be able to choose a delivery date that works best for you.  

Schedule your deliveries

In a few clicks, you can confirm your next delivery and choose between a range of dates the one the suits you better. 

Track your deliveries in real-time

Only with the app, two hours before your delivery window you can access a real-time map that will allow you to see when your driver is getting close to you. 

Manage the supplies you need

With the Intouch app, you can easily modify the quantity of your ancillaries to suit your needs, by adjusting the amount when required. 

Edit your deliveries

The Sciensus Intouch app makes it easy to change your delivery details. You can easily adjust your date, address and chosen ancillaries in the app, up until a few days before the confirmed delivery. 

Connect with online communities

In the app you will have access to a list of useful support groups and online communities where you can get in touch with people who’ve been where you are – and have stories, advice and ideas to share.

Our app is safe, secure and approved by the NHS

Our Sciensus Intouch app has been approved through the NHSX DTAC process. This gives the NHS confidence that the app meets the highest standards for clinical safety, data protection, technical security, usability and accessibility. 

A little something to help you get started

To support you in getting started, we’ve created a helpful step-by-step guide.

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Don’t just take our word for it...

“The Sciensus Intouch app gives me great flexibility. It’s convenient, and it fits in my social life.” – Tracey

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