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How the stress has been taken out of one patient’s life thanks to Sciensus Intouch
19 April 2023

The delivery of Richard’s psoriasis medication is vitally important to him. Having found a medication that cured the debilitating skin condition in the summer of 2021, he says he never wants to risk running out. Rather than having to spend his time booking his delivery over the phone, Richard was introduced to the Sciensus Intouch app in August. He says after downloading the app, he has been firmly put back in control of his life and is feeling better than ever. 


Prior to downloading the Sciensus Intouch app, Richard, who lives in West Yorkshire, says it could take a while to arrange his medication deliveries as he sometimes missed phone calls and emails about them. “I’d sometimes get stressed,” he says. “It’s a medication where somebody has to be at home to receive it, as it needs to go in the fridge, so I knew it was important to stay on top of my deliveries.” 


Richard says after setting the Sciensus Intouch app up on his phone, which he describes as a ‘really simple process’ he selected a delivery date, and within days he had the medication and sharps box he requested. “It made it so much easier,” he adds. “I used to be covered from head to foot in psoriasis, and I was in a very low place. When my dermatologist prescribed this medication, it changed my life. That’s why the delivery of this medicine is everything to me, it’s so important.” 


Since having the Sciensus Intouch app, Richard says he has found it incredibly easy to book and confirm his deliveries, meaning there is no chance of him missing any doses of his medication. “The app has eased my mind so much, it’s made me feel like I’m in control again,” he says. 


When Richard gets to the second to last injection in his fridge, he uses the Sciensus Intouch app to select a date for delivery. “I know for a fact it’ll arrive on a day that suits me,” he says. “That’s why I left such positive feedback for Sciensus on Trustpilot. I don’t think Sciensus realises how much reassurance the app has provided.” 


Richard says the Sciensus Intouch app has been his ‘lifesaver’. “You log in, put your details in, and you’re away,” he says. “I visit my dermatologist every six months, she gives me a prescription and it goes straight to Sciensus. It’s immense and it’s making my life so much easier. I feel so much better now.”