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How Sciensus has helped manage Joanne’s rheumatoid arthritis for a decade
21 July 2021

Joanne Burgess, from Lincoln, has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 25 years and has over a decade on service with Sciensus. Here, she explains how much she values the efficiency of the service provided.

Joanne takes a daily tablet for her rheumatoid arthritis and receives deliveries from Sciensus every couple of months. She finds this an extremely convenient way to access her treatment. “They just phone me when it’s due and ask how many tablets I’ve got left, and then we book a delivery date,” she says. “It’s so much easier than accessing your prescription via the doctor and pharmacy.”

She explains that having another health condition, which she manages through a prescription from the doctor, has allowed her to see the efficiency in Sciensus’s system.

She says: “It’s so much easier with Sciensus; I’m so glad the hospital referred me to them. You can tell the difference. Sciensus are brilliant in their customer service and now they’ve got a live chat function on their website as well, which is great for ease of communication.”

Meeting challenges

Joanne has been impressed with the level of service during the pandemic, too. “Organisation of deliveries has been great, right through every lockdown,” she says. “I wondered what it’d be like, with everything changing due to the pandemic, but it’s really been consistent.

“When a delivery is booked they give a four-hour window, then nearer to the time they give a two-hour window, and it always comes within that window. It really helps. They also do text reminders, which is helpful as you know exactly when they’re coming.”

She reiterates: “It’s just a really good service – they’re all so friendly.”