world orphan drug congress 2024

Don’t miss critical insights from European patients

Join us for a special keynote session at the World Orphan Drug Congress, that will provide practical advice to biotech companies considering European commercialization, highlighting the importance of a patient-centric approach.

Chaired by Andrew Cummins, Director of Early Access Programs at Sciensus, a panel of industry experts will discuss topics like:

  • The implementation of Patient Support Programs (PSPs) across Europe
  • Navigating regulatory requirements such as Post-Authorization Safety Studies (PASS)
  • The importance of Real-World Data (RWD) collection
  • The role of patient organizations in the launch process

Sciensus: our insight proposition 

At Sciensus, we excel in designing and implementing research protocols to capture and analyze real-world data, empowering you to make informed decisions throughout your product lifecycle. Our comprehensive support spans clinical study design, funding submissions, market access initiatives, post-market studies, and product evolution strategies.  

sciensus logoEach year we support 240,000 patients across 27 countries and have relationships with over 300 consultants and partnerships with more than 30 pharmaceutical companies. Our  We have more than 30 years of experience and gained invaluable insight from  over 70 million patient interactions. Because of this, we understand patients, putting  them at the center of their therapy, enhancing their experience and improving their clinical outcomes.  

We safely and securely collect real-world data on medicines, patients, and their interactions with physicians and caregivers. It provides unrivaled insight into standards of care, patient and physician behaviors, and clinical uptake medicines, bringing together clinical data, prescriber-nurse-patient interactions, PROMS, and PREM data.  

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