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Sciensus patient and carer representative

Are you interested in helping develop Sciensus’s new services, products and information? Or having input on how we can improve our support of patients?

Why not be a patient or carer representative?

What is a patient or carer representative?

The Sciensus patient and carer representative is formed of patients, carers and other interested individuals who have agreed to work with Sciensus to develop services, products, initiatives and new information being produced for patients. Gathering this feedback forms an integral part of our information quality process and ensures we are delivering the best experience the patients we serve.

Frequently asked questions…

How do patient or carer representatives take part in an activity?

We will contact you with details of the activity and invite you to take part. You can then decide whether the activity is something you would like to be involved in or not.

Do I have to take part in all activities sent to me?

No, taking part in an activity is optional. It might be that you are having a busy time, you are on holiday or simply don’t feel like it.

Do members of the patient or carer representatives receive anything for participating?

Yes, you will be fairly compensated for your time.

What is the criteria for consideration to be a patient or carer representative?

You must be a current Sciensus patient or a carer of a current Sciensus patient.

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Once you have applied what happens next?
  • We ask our patient and carer representatives, to be involved in a diverse and wide range of focus groups.
  • When we are setting up these focus groups, we are looking for specific attributes.
  • Some patients and carers may not meet specific attributes set out for focus groups and therefore will not be invited to be involved.

Patient and Carer representative registration form

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