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Paul, from the West Midlands, has been on service with Sciensus for half a decade. He explains how receiving injectables at home has improved his life. 

Paul was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 1994, and has his self-administered weekly injectables delivered by Sciensus. 

He explains that tech developments have made the process of self-injecting easier: “Until a couple of years ago,” he says, “I’d be delivered prefilled syringes, which you have to put the needle onto, and then inject.  

“If you’ve got arthritis in your hand, a syringe is not easy to use. Now, it’s easier. All you do is take the end off, place it against your body, press the button, and it injects. It’s a brilliant piece of innovation.” 

His arthritis has been kept manageable through exercise after initial advice that he should “get to the gym and work into a frenzy”. DIY projects have also kept him active, and having his treatment delivered has increased freedom and flexibility in his day-to-day life. 


Digital innovation in patient communication  

Paul is a member of the Sciensus Readers’ Panel, which advises on the best way to communicate with patients. As part of this, he has been involved with the development of a new app, which he believes will “give patients a lot more confidence”. 

The app will offer more than the ability to order medication, he says; there will be consultants available to talk to, articles setting out vital information, and groups related to patients’ specific medical issues. 

“It’s going to form a community,” he explains. It is something that Paul is proud to be part of: “Via the app, you can link everything together. It’s taking pressure off the NHS, which is brilliant.” 


“Via the app, you can link everything together. It’s taking pressure off the NHS, which is brilliant.”

Paul – patient on service with Sciensus