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Crohn's disease patient explains how treatment leaves her feeling “absolutely wonderful”
11 August 2021

Karen Thresher, from Weymouth, has Crohn’s disease and has been on service with Sciensus since 2010. She has her fortnightly injections delivered and administers them herself.

Karen was diagnosed in 1990, but a decade ago was suffering and having to take time off work. It was at this point that Karen’s consultant started her on injections and utilised the services of Sciensus – something that improved her life almost immediately.

“I haven’t looked back from that moment,” she says. “I’ve been feeling absolutely wonderful. My Crohn’s disease has been relatively under control, since I started the injections.”

This increase in quality of life is something that Karen attributes to Sciensus. She says: “As soon as I got involved with Sciensus, they really took on my care regarding my injections. My hospital visits now are very limited. It’s really improved my life, absolutely.”

She praises the level of communication that she’s received: “I’ve always been very pleased with the service they provide,” she says. “If I’ve had to contact them, they’ve always been very prompt. The staff are really courteous and seem to care; they want to resolve any issues you have. I’m very impressed with what they’ve done for me over the last 11 years. I can’t complain about any aspects of it at all.”

Sharing positive experiences

Karen joined the Sciensus Readers’ Panel, which advises the organisation on how it communicates with patients through its marketing materials. She says she’s hoping to put her positive experiences to good use. “I hope that I can give a bit of my knowledge and impart that into Sciensus to improve services, if needed, to anybody else,” she says.