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The orphan drug market is surging, especially in Europe. Is your company situated to leverage this trend and enter the European market? Learn how with this must-have guide.

As rare disease identification and corresponding patient demand for orphan, or “new,” drugs increase, government and health care players in Europe are becoming more receptive to approving them for patients. U.S. biotech companies have an opportunity meet this demand despite a market that can seem daunting to enter on it surface.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How the European market operates and strategies to enter and work effectively within this market
  • How U.S. biotechs can partner with established European companies to best work within this market
  • Key steps and potential obstacles companies entering this market need to be aware of
  • Likely reimbursement and pricing once the drugs are approved
  • How to find and effectively treat patients with these medications
  • How a U.S. based biotech company leveraged partnering with a European company to successfully bring an orphan drug into Europe
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