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Joanne’s Story

“It’s so much easier with Sciensus; I’m so glad the hospital referred me to them. You can tell the difference. Sciensus are brilliant in their customer service and now they’ve got a live chat function on their website as well, which is great for ease of communication.”

Kathryn’s story

“As you can imagine, I’ve come across a lot of doctors and nurses over the years, and I can spot the good ones at 50 paces. Martinho is not just good, he is exceptional.”

Wendy’s story

“I’m just so very grateful for what they do, they’ve always been so accommodating and will drop the drugs off wherever I needed them, whether that was at my workplace or at home. I feel very lucky to have access to this service. It’s fabulous.”

Amanda’s story

“Receiving my treatment at home was the best decision I have ever made. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and told that I could have treatment at home if I wished, it was a no-brainer. My home is my safe space and I was able to have my treatment in a familiar room in my comfy chair.”