We are currently experiencing some technical issues with our inbound and outbound telephone lines which means that some patients may not be able to get through to our teams.  We are investigating this issue as a priority with our telephony provider.  During this time, we would ask that if patients need to contact us with an urgent enquiry, they use our contact form until we have resolved this issue.https://www.sciensus.com/help/help-and-support/#patient-contact

Your treatment journey with us

If you have just been referred to us you will want to know what will happen next. The step by step guide below gives a quick overview from getting registered with us to receiving your ongoing treatment.

Step 1 - Getting registered

Once you’re referred to us, we’ll do everything we can to get you started on your treatment quicklyWe’ll conduct some safety and quality checks on the information your hospital team send to us

If there’s anything else we need, we’ll get in touch with them. This step can sometimes take a few weeks, as we can’t get started until we have received everything, but we will work as quickly as we can. 

Step 2 - Your welcome call

Our friendly patient services team will get in touch with you to explain what happens next. 

It might be that your consultant has asked us to arrange clinical visits, where our clinicians administer your treatment at home or teach you to administer your medication. Or they may just have asked us to deliver medication for you to take as prescribed. When our team call, they’ll discuss your specific treatment and what you need to know. 

The team will also arrange your first delivery and/or clinician visit.  At this time, you can also nominate an authorised person to receive deliveries on your behalf. 

Step 3 - Getting your prescription ready

Your consultant or specialist clinician will let us know what medication they’re prescribing for you and will provide a prescription. We’ll pass this on to our pharmacists who will clinically check and validate your prescription, approve it and get it ready for you. 

If there is anything missing or we need more information, we’ll get in touch with them as quickly as possible to avoid any delays to your treatment*.  

*NB we cannot provide any medications without a valid and complete prescription.  

Step 4 - Your delivery

Before your first delivery we’ll give you a time window, when the delivery will take place, so you know when to expect us. If you’ve signed up for our text reminder service, we’ll send a message 48 hours before your delivery with a 4 hour delivery window and 24 hours before you will receive your 2 hour delivery window. On the day of your delivery you will receive an SMS message when the driver is 2 stops and 1 stop away.  If you are having a clinician visit, you will receive a text the night before your visit with a 2 hour time window. 

If you’re not going to be in to receive your delivery, it’s very important you let us know as soon as possible. This will help us to avoid unnecessary work and possible wastage of medication so we can continue to support as many people as possible. 

Step 5 - Your delivery or clinical visit day

If you’re having medication delivered, your driver will bring your parcel, let you know if it needs to be stored in the fridge, and ask you or your nominated person to sign for it. They’ll be wearing Sciensus uniform and carry identification. 

If you have a clinical visit, the Sciensus clinician will talk you through the treatment, answer your questions and ask for your consent before they begin. Afterwards, they’ll arrange the next visit with you, take all clinical waste away with them and update your hospital team on how you’re doing. 

Step 6 - Help and support

If you, your nominated individual or a parent/ carer has any questions, we’re here to listen and help. You can contact Sciensus in a number of ways including the Sciensus Intouch App, via our online ‘contact us’ form or on the phone, simply visit the help and support section on our website here.

Ongoing treatment

To support your ongoing treatment, the clinical team at your hospital will continue to prescribe your medicines according to your individual needs. As soon as Sciensus has a valid prescription, and it is validated, we will confirm your next delivery date or your next clinician visit will be scheduled

If your clinical team has advised you need regular blood tests, it is important that you get these done as directed by your hospital, as blood results are required before they can write you a new prescription. Any delay in blood testing will lead to a delay in getting your medication, as your hospital cannot raise a prescription safely without all the information they need.