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Services for children and young people

At Sciensus, we care for children and young people every year who have a wide range of long-term conditions that need regular, ongoing treatment.

We know how important it is to give our youngest patients the specialist care they need, where they’re happiest. So, from birth until their 18th birthday*, we’re here to make life as normal and comfortable as possible, delivering vital medication and treatment at home, school or any other community setting.

*when a child turns 18 they are transferred to our adult service.
How can Sciensus help?

If your child  needs ongoing medical care, bringing it into a more familiar setting can make it an easier, more positive process for them. In our experience, children and young people are often more relaxed at home, school, or college than they would be in hospital.

This helps them understand and engage with their treatment, as well as reducing stress and worry. Regular hospital and clinic visits can also be an unwelcome disruption, and so reducing them can often help the child, young adult and their family get on with a more normal, independent life.

A close partnership of clinical specialists

Our experienced children’s and young people’s nurses work alongside the NHS and specialist hospital teams, who can refer patients to us for out-of-hospital care if it’s clinically safe and appropriate. Together with them, and you, we’ll carefully plan your child’s care to suit their individual needs.

Our support can range from delivering intravenous (IV) treatments to teaching you and your child or young person to get the most from new medicines. Whatever their condition, we’re here to teach, support and empower them – and you – making sure everyone understands the treatment and feels fully involved.

Every step of the way, our children’s and young people’s nurses will be in close contact with your child’s specialist hospital team, regularly liaising to effectively manage their care.

Safe hands, whatever happens

We know how important it is to feel that your child is in the safest possible hands, whatever happens. So, each of our children’s and young people’s nurses is trained to spot the signs that patients are becoming unwell during treatment. In the rare cases this happens, they have the experience to rapidly assess the situation, give any emergency care that may be required and arrange a transfer to hospital.

Making the transition to adult care

For many young people, treatment is a journey that will continue into their adult lives. We’re here to make the transition to adult nursing care a smooth, seamless experience, following a structured process in partnership with their specialist hospital team. We’ll create a personal care plan, introduce you all to your new Sciensus nurses and hand over care in a sensitive, supportive way.

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