How we use your information

We receive your information from many sources to deliver our services to you and we collect and process personal information about you from these sources.

We primarily use your personal information in the following ways:

·        Create and maintain a record of your care and treatment and to communicate with your referring establishment (E.G hospital and doctors)
·        Contact your next of kin, carer or representative on your behalf to claim any money owed from the patients estate & in case of emergencies.
·        Create and manage your prescription records
·        Contact you to arrange your delivery
·        Allow us to dispense and deliver the correct medication to you
·     Facilitate a nurse or healthcare professional to visit you or a virtual visit using our patient consultation room (if necessary)
·        Answer any questions or concerns you may have and provide customer support
·        Provide pharmacy services to you and give you information about your medication
·        Ensure that we charge the NHS or other bill payer the correct amount for our services delivered to you
·        Provide regular reminders to you in accordance with your service, e.g. for deliveries, nurse visits or medication
·        Provide advice to help you to get the best from your treatment and understand your level of engagement with your treatment through statistical and monitoring information
·        Provide remote care, using technology platforms and assessments, as required for your service
·        Enhance staff safety, we utilise secure audio recording devices that may be activated in emergency situations
·        Capture CCTV images for training purposes and for the prevention and detection of crime
·        Where your care is funded, to communicate with private medical insurance companies, or solicitors managing a claim to fund your treatment
·        Where Live Chats are used we will store a copy of the live chat on your patient record or live chat helper document storage vault, if you are not a patient but a member of the public and/or if you are a consultant or Clinician we may hold this in a communication file outside of our patient management system.
·        When contacting us through our helplines we will collect your Telephone or mobile number you are calling from; however, you can withhold this information before contacting us and therefore we will not collect it. Where we collect this information, we may use it to update your patient record.
·        Where you have emailed SPSL, we will keep a copy of the email or extract the contents of the email within your patient record.


We may also use your information for service improvement/health and safety purposes such as:

·        To train our staff in providing services to you.
·        To manage and resolve any issues you may have – missed or late deliveries, complaints, incidents
·        To record and manage (where appropriate) any adverse events or side effects relating to your medication that you tell us about.
·        To capture information regarding an incident to ensure the safety of our employees
·        To escalate concerns regarding you and your care to ensure you are safe
·        To enable us to register and investigate incidents and complaint
·        To enable the storage, archive and disposal of paper & electronic documentation
·        To help us to improve the quality of our services based on your feedback
·        To conduct patient engagement surveys and see how well we are doing. These surveys could be generated by SPSL or referring establishments and managed by a third party on our behalf. We may carry out the surveys by email or by phone and may send you a text message to direct you to the survey link.
·        To keep an audit trail for the services we provide, e.g. recording of calls, system logs
·        Occasionally we will use third parties to process your personal data outside the EEA for IT Support and Statistical and Analysis purposes. Where we do this, we ensure appropriate controls and safeguards are in place to protect your data and where we can we use anonymisation or pseudonymisation techniques.
·        We routinely produce pseudonymised reports for internal and external purposes. Pseudonymised means replacing your personal identifiable information, that may lead you to being identified. The information cannot be identified without the use of additional information, known as a key and is reversible.
·        We may also use anonymised data for Statistical and Monitoring purpose.


Please see what personal information we collect on you, including the lawful grounds for us to process your information:

Type of Data Why do we need this data? What is our lawful ground for processing?
Personal data

·        Name, contact details and address

·        NHS number, SPSL number, IP address/Device ID

·   Date of Birth

·   Gender

·   Next of Kin details: Name, contact telephone number, address and relationship

To enable us to provide Healthcare or treatment on behalf of the referring establishment/centre. Article 6 (A) Consent

The individual (you) has given clear consent for SPSL to process their personal data for a specific purpose.

Article 6 (B) Performance of a contract

processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract

Article 6 (F) Legitimate operational interest

Non personal identifiable information to help SPSL fulfil its operational and contract requirements.

Article 6 (D) Vital Interest

The processing if necessary to protect an interest which is essential to life of the data subject

Article 6 (E) Performance of a task

processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller

Special Category data

·        Medical Indication/history

·        Ethnicity

·        Health Information

·        Pregnancy information

·        Medication

·        Known allergies

·        Information about your mental and physical wellbeing

To enable us to provide Healthcare or treatment on behalf of the referring establishment/centre.


Pharmacovigilance Reporting (patient safety)


To provide a base line assessment against which we can measure our services

Article 9 (A) Explicit Consent

The individual has given explicit consent for SPSL to process their personal data for a specific purpose.

Article 9 (H) Health and Social Care

The processing is necessary for the provision of health or social care or treatment of the management of health or social care systems and services or pursuant to contact with a health professional.

Pseudonymised (personal information which has been replaced and can only be identified using a key)  & Anonymised data (Non identifiable information) Statistical and monitoring reports, performance and sales reports:

This data is locked so a person cannot be identified from the strands of data.

Article 6 (F) Legitimate operational interest

Non personal identifiable information to help SPSL fulfil its operational and contract requirements.