Who we will share your information with

We want to maintain your trust and protect your personal information, and when we share your personal information we are doing so because it is essential to enable us to provide a service to you.

In “Where we get your information from” section we have detailed the sources from which we may receive personal information about you, but we also share your personal information with the same sources, including partners and suppliers which work on behalf of us.

  • Partners or Contractors – who carry out functions on our behalf
  • Legal – Solicitors or Legal representatives acting on your behalf
  • HMRC – Payroll and tax code Information
  • Law Enforcement Agencies – for the purposes of prevention and detection of crime or fraud
  • Other third parties who require access to your personal information for specific and limited purposes.
  • Other People – You have authorised to act on your behalf

In exceptional circumstances and to meet specific service requirements, data may be held outside the United Kingdom and European Union but only where we have appropriate security controls in place with a company contracted to work with us.