Sciensus analytics notice

Our use of analytics tools

We will receive information about how you use our SCIENSUS INTOUCH APP by using analytic tools.

Why do we capture this information?

We use this data to understand user behaviour and app performance; the way you use the app, which sections you look at, which actions you take, which documents you read and any errors that you might encounter.


The analytic companies collect your device number (known as a Unique Device Identifier or UDID) or IMEI – if using a phone to view the App. The analytic companies cannot identify you from your UDID or IMEI however Sciensus Pharma Services Limited (SPSL) will provide a reference number to them which will identify which IP address is accessing which part of our App. The analytic companies are not able to identify you from this information, as SPSL hold the key to unlocking that data. However, SPSL will use this information to identify you and analyse your movement through the App and improve your experience. We will not use your information for advertising purposes as we do not capture Android advertising ID and advertising identifier for iOS.


If you have ticked to confirm you accept analytic tools to operate on your device in relation to the App, please be aware that the ID attached to your device is classed as personally identifiable data as it identifies your device. This analytics data may be stored within the UK, EEA and/or internationally and is anonymised data and cannot be used to identify you.


The data that we hold on you forms part of your master patient record which is held on our secure Microsoft Azure hosting environment in the United Kingdom. The data that is held on the App is extracted from our secure systems to enable you to interface on the App. Our data is protected and encrypted in storage and in transit using externally verified best practice security technology, including but not limited to, firewalls, SSL and encryption.


By agreeing to use the SCIENSUS INTOUCH APP you agree for us to collect this data and use it for the purposes outlined above. If you’re unhappy with the App Experience / Data Analytics Policy or do not agree with any of them, you can still use the SCIENSUS INTOUCH APP. Simply do not click the check box stating ‘I agree to App Analytics being collected”.


If you would like to download a copy of our analytics policy, please click here