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Sciensus proudly sitting at the intersection of patients and their medicine

Sciensus is a global life sciences company specialising in market-leading patient access, engagement and insight solutions. With an international presence, we sit proudly at the intersection of patients and their medicine, specifically those with chronic and long-term conditions, rare diseases and cancer.

Harnessing the power of more than 70 million patient interactions, captured through our advanced patient apps and digital platforms, we uncover vital insight into patient experience and the drivers of medicine adherence. Powered by these interactions, we develop and deliver innovative patient support programmes and generate invaluable real-world insight to enable clinicians and pharmaceutical companies to drive better outcomes for patients.

Our background

For 30 years, we’ve supported patients to access life-changing treatment. Today, we combine this powerful clinical experience with the latest technology to help more than 240,000 patients a year make the most of their medicine.

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Our approach

Engaging and empowering patients to become more active participants in their health is key to driving positive change in healthcare. Our unparalleled patient-reported data and insights, cutting-edge research and smart, intuitive technology are designed to connect with people powerfully and personally, focusing on their unique needs and supporting them every step of the way.

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Our markets

With a goal to increasing patient engagement with life-changing treatment and medication, our focus is on chronic conditions, cancer and rare diseases.

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Our services

Our bespoke, end-to-end services, built on exceptional insight and experience in our key markets, connect pharmaceutical companies, insurers and healthcare professionals to patients through our advanced digital health technology.

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Strategy and objectives

We recognise the world is changing faster than ever. New technologies have reshaped the way we live, redrawn the healthcare landscape and redefined the expectations of patients everywhere. At Sciensus, we are pioneering a new era of digitally-enabled patient benefits.


Our vision

To be the global leader in helping each and every patient make the most of their medicine.



Our mission

To give patients control of their health through knowledge, choice, convenience and connection.

A culture led by our values

Our values shape who we are, what we stand for, and what is expected of us. They are embedded in everything we do and are based on the very best of what we see in our people.

Value - Passionate

Passionate about patients

We provide knowledge, choice and exceptional care to help every patient take control of their unique health journey.

Value - Ambitious

Ambitious to be the best

We listen, learn, adapt and innovate. We’re accountable, and continually improve to deliver the best experience for our stakeholders.

Value - Together

Together, we win

We value our differences and respect each other. We build strong, trusted relationships and together we achieve more.


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Making a positive impact

How we’re taking responsibility through our Environmental, Social & Governance strategy.

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Our digital solutions

Patients are at the heart of our strategy. By empowering and supporting them we work with other parts of the health eco-system to drive better health outcomes. Our growth plans rest on this patient centricity and a commitment to quality, earning us the right to deliver more value-added services to our customers.

We’re continuous innovating and investing is our digital health solutions, including portals for the NHS, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, life science companies and European hospital pharmacies. We’ve also developed impactful patient apps and an online patient community.

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Partner with experience and expertise

If you’d like to find out how our partnerships can power your business, just contact us.