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Making a positive impact

How we’re taking responsibility through our Environmental, Social & Governance strategy.

Taking responsibility

At Sciensus, we’re passionate about the health of over 240,000 patients.
But we’re also passionate about the wider impact we have on our planet too.

Being a responsible business and supporting our communities is hugely important to us and
we’re aiming to drive positive change through our Environmental, Social & Governance strategy.

The time is now to ensure that we are a sustainable business. We are committed to net zero and reducing our carbon footprint from all business activities.

Daniel Parkes, Environmental, Social and Governance lead, Sciensus

Focusing on the things that matter

Our Environmental, Social and Governance strategy is focused on six fundamental areas. These are all built into our five year plan with a set of goals we’re aiming to achieve against each.

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Having a positive environmental impact by reducing our carbon footprint and promoting biodiversity.

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People, diversity and inclusion

Developing and engaging a diverse workforce to deliver the best possible health outcomes for patients.

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Health, safety and wellbeing

Ensuring Health and Wellbeing is always a priority.

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Giving back to our communities

Supporting local communities and charities through fundraising and volunteer work.

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Sustainable procurement

Be a sustainable business through responsible sourcing and supply chain management.

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Transparency, compliance and risk

Risk management and governance in place to ensure Policies, procedures and regulations are adhered to.

Creating a sustainable future

At Sciensus, we want to generate a positive impact on the lives of our people, customers, and communities, and we’re taking responsibility as a leading Pharma Services business, to actively address climate change. Our goal is to be net zero by 2045.