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Building a relationship based on trust and professionalism

Catherine, from South Gloucestershire, is receiving her second round of chemotherapy with Sciensus. She says that the team delivering her cancer care is ‘fantastic’ and she would recommend their services to anyone who has the option of home treatment. 

Catherine started her first round of chemotherapy at home in February 2023 following a course of radiotherapy treatment in hospital. After three months of chemotherapy, she had a break for a couple of months and is now receiving a second course of chemotherapy at home.  

She said: “Receiving my chemotherapy treatment at home from the Sciensus team is one of the biggest bonuses of the change in treatment from radiotherapy. When I was on radiotherapy, I had to go to hospital every day for five weeks.   

“I now receive a chemo infusion at home once every three weeks from the Sciensus clinical team followed by two weeks of chemo drugs, then a week off. The whole process of the infusion lasts around four and a half hours, from the nurse checking and prepping the medication to the infusion itself.” 

Catherine explained that the nurse also completes any blood tests required and sends them off for processing, and can also provide other treatments she needs, such as a magnesium infusion. 

“I can’t say enough good things about the team,” said Catherine. “Mostly I see one of the same three to four nurses and they are all fantastic. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed but respect your space and how you feel. I also have family such as my husband and sister around at times and they can just get on with whatever they are doing without feeling in the way.”  

As an additional part of her care team, Catherine has a nurse liaison who she says has been brilliant. “On the number of occasions when I’ve not felt well, I’ve called her and she has liaised with my doctor, sorted prescriptions and suggested ways to mitigate my feelings of illness. 

“You build up a relationship with the whole team, based on trust and professionalism.” 


Saving precious energy for the things that you love 

Catherine says that one of the best things about receiving treatment at home is that it takes the stress out of all the travelling, hospital parking and so on, especially when she’s not feeling well. It also means she has the time to spend on her hobbies when she is feeling well enough. 

“I enjoy crafts and baking and do a lot of baking for charity sales, but fatigue can be an issue,” she explained. “By receiving treatment at home rather than spending time travelling to clinics, I can pace myself and save the energy that I do have for what I enjoy doing. I don’t have to use my time and energy focusing on getting from place to place.” 

Catherine says that while everyone is different and will have varying needs, she would recommend Sciensus to anyone who can consider home treatment. 

“The team are fantastic. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed but respect your space and how you feel.”

Catherine – patient on service with Sciensus