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We’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance our services for both patients and partners. Recently we launched a project to review all our cancer service processes and find any opportunities for further improvement in patient safety, communication and overall service quality. During this review, we came across an exciting opportunity to integrate pathology test results from certain laboratory partners into the iQemo platform.

iQemo is a cloud-based platform that supports a safer and more efficient chemotherapy treatment cycle. It’s widely used by consultants to refer cancer patients to Sciensus and view clinical information and test results. Before this update, we would send pathology results for the patients we support directly to their consultants or upload them manually into iQemo. This sometimes delays how quickly consultants have sight of a patient’s progress.

Once the integration is in place, results will be uploaded securely to iQemo from our D365 platform, with information integrated directly from the participating laboratory. This means that consultants can view a patient’s pathology results in close to real-time as soon as results are made available from the lab. The tool also allows consultants to view blood trending and analysis for patients with historical data.

The work is taking place in stages, with all The Doctors Laboratory labs going live from Monday 26 February and Spire Healthcare planned for Monday 25 March onwards. Once the work is complete, blood results from both organisations’ laboratories and patient CEFs will be available in iQemo, providing clinicians with convenient and rapid access to a patient’s progress in one unified platform.