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Blood disorders
How Sciensus can help

Here at Sciensus, we’ve got a huge amount of experience in supporting patients and their families living with rare blood disorders like haemophilia and thalassaemia. If you’ve just been diagnosed or referred to us, we’re here to help you feel comfortable with your condition, answer any questions you might have, and arrange regular treatment at home, from a friendly, familiar team of nurses.


Haemophilia is a rare, inherited bleeding disorder that affects your body’s ability to clot properly, so it takes much longer than normal for bleeding to stop.

The condition affects around 8,400 people in the UK, and there are several possible treatment options. Many people have regular infusions of factor VIII clotting concentrates to help prevent and control bleeding episodes. Others have small, regular injections which, again, can help to prevent bleeding.

In either case, if you have haemophilia, it’s really important that you take your medication regularly, as your doctor prescribes, to help you stay fit and well.

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Only around 1,700 people in the UK have thalassaemia. It’s a rare, inherited blood disorder that means your body can’t produce enough haemoglobin – the protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen around your body. This can lead to severe anaemia.

If you’re diagnosed with thalassaemia, you’ll be encouraged to look after your health by leading a healthy lifestyle. At the moment, the main treatment is regular blood transfusions, but ongoing clinical trials are helping to help develop new approaches.

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