Sciensus nurses offer reassurance and support
12 December 2022

Sciensus’ wide range of services includes clinical support for patients who are well enough to be at home while they recover from an operation. Earlier this year, Candy received several visits from the Sciensus nursing team after surgery to remove a ruptured breast implant.

Candy underwent a full mastectomy 12 years ago and was fitted with implants at the time. After suffering a rupture in her right breast earlier this year, Candy was readmitted to hospital to remove the ruptured implant. Fitted with a drain to prevent a build-up of fluid and allowed to return home the same day, Candy was referred to Sciensus for drain care and eventual removal.

“I was really pleased to be able to go straight home”, Candy says. “I didn’t know it would be an option. It certainly wasn’t when I had my mastectomy 12 years ago and had to stay in hospital for several days. It was so lovely to be able to go home and sleep in my own bed and have my home comforts, particularly given having a drain in place can be a rather unpleasant experience.”

Sciensus’ highly trained nurses visited Candy at her home for several days following her operation and were able to empty her drain and check on the operation site, before finally removing it and returning one final time to make sure Candy was well and fit to be discharged.

“It was really reassuring to know that the drain output was reducing and that somebody was there regularly to check everything was ok”, adds Candy. “The nurses were very nice and really helped me to feel at ease – I really couldn’t fault the service at all. I was particularly grateful when they offered to come back the day after removing the drain to check on me and make sure everything was ok – it seemed like they really cared about me as an individual and that meant a lot.”

As Candy explains, there are clear benefits to patients from being able to complete their treatment and recovery at home with the support of Sciensus’ nursing team. However, it’s also helpful for the NHS who can transfer a healthy patient like Candy out of hospital onto Sciensus’ virtual ward and make a bed available for someone who really needs inpatient care.