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New drugs helping Deborah to get back to the life she loved
17 December 2021

Drug deliveries from Sciensus have changed the life of patient Deborah, who has rheumatoid arthritis.

After years of trial and error with various medications, Deborah is now using biologics to control her condition – a form of medicine that has to be injected at regular intervals – and has seen a huge improvement in her overall health.

“It really isn’t an overstatement to say that these drugs have changed my life,” she said.

“Before I began taking these I was managing my arthritis, but the symptoms were always there and I was still in a lot of pain. I got very good at walking backwards, down hills and down the stairs, because my knees were just in too much pain if I went forwards.

“It’s the small things too, like not being able to do up your trousers because your fingers are in so much pain.

“The biologics have made a huge difference. With the other drugs it was always there in the background, but now I can do so much more. I’ve been doing a lot more walking and I’ve been doing Zumba at home. I feel completely different.”

Keen horse-rider Deborah, of Cornwall, is also hoping she will be able to get back on her beloved horse, Christmas, this Spring.

Deborah was referred to Sciensus by her consultant and has been receiving regular deliveries from them ever since.

“From the moment I was put in touch with Sciensus I have been so impressed with the service. They arranged for a nurse to visit me to support me with my first dose and they also trained me so that I could inject by myself.  I’ve received regular phone calls to check up on me and make sure everything is going as it should,” she said.

“Arranging the deliveries has always been really straightforward too. They’ve done everything that they can to make it easy for me and been happy to change the address that they deliver to so that I could receive deliveries at work. It’s just made it so that I have one less thing to think about.”