We are currently experiencing some technical issues with our inbound and outbound telephone lines which means that some patients may not be able to get through to our teams.  We are investigating this issue as a priority with our telephony provider.  During this time, we would ask that if patients need to contact us with an urgent enquiry, they use our contact form until we have resolved this issue.https://www.sciensus.com/help/help-and-support/#patient-contact

Creating a better patient experience leads Lavonne to Readers’ Panel
31 January 2022

Lavonne, from Northamptonshire, has been receiving a service from Sciensus for four years.

Lavonne’s treatment for her ankylosing spondylitis involves injections twice a month, which she administers herself after initially being trained by a Sciensus nurse.

She says: “It’s convenient, because I can just do it. I’m required to do it at roughly the same time of day every time, so not having to go into hospital and take time off work makes it so much easier.”

Lavonne’s experience of communications with Sciensus has been positive, with the team proactively contacting her rather than the other way round every six weeks or so. “It’s been good,” she says. “I don’t really get in touch with them too much; they tend to get in touch with me more, to arrange my medication and deliveries. They’ve always been polite and pleasant.”

Helping others

Lavonne has also joined the Readers’ Panel, which advises Sciensus on the best way to communicate with patients through their marketing and communications materials. Lavonne has also offered her thoughts on Sciensus’ new app, which will, amongst other features, allow users to arrange their medication deliveries when it’s convenient for them.

She says: “My initial reaction was to try and make the whole experience easier for other users, and particularly those who might not be digitally-minded. I thought I could cast my eye over it and make it slightly easier, perhaps.

“I work with IT and people who don’t have a great deal of IT knowledge. So, I thought I could use my experience of working with people who may find technology daunting and provide input from that point of view to make it a better experience.”

Lavonne wants to emphasise how positive she has found the communication between panel members and Sciensus staff.

“There is lots of communication,” she says. “The Marketing team who organise the Readers’ Panel are always very thankful for our time and help.

If you would like to join us as one of our Readers’ Panel please email Marketing@sciensus.com