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How Sciensus and Paxman Scalp Cooling make day-to-day life easier for cancer patients

Paxman Scalp Cooling has been working with Sciensus to provide cooling cap treatment for cancer patients for a decade. Here Claire Paxman, Director of Training and Strategic Initiatives, explains how the system works and its key benefits.

Anyone involved in cancer treatment will be aware that, for many patients, hair loss is devastating. Scalp cooling is the only technique for which there is good evidence of reduced chemotherapy-induced alopecia. It works by narrowing blood vessels, which lessens blood flow to the scalp and reduces drug diffusion across the plasma membrane. This results in less chemotherapeutic drug being delivered to hair follicles, which slows down cell division and reduces hair loss.

“Increasingly,” Claire says, “we are seeing the long-term benefits and positive psychosocial impact that scalp cooling can bring to a patient’s overall wellbeing – not just during treatment, but also in the longer term.”

She cites confidence at work, privacy, not having to explain the illness, the ability to protect family from anxiety, and faster regrowth, as key benefits.

She adds: “If a patient keeps their hair, they can still see themselves, which can be a huge boost. It’s about focusing on what they’ve retained, not what they’ve lost.”

Working with Sciensus

Paxman and Sciensus work together to ensure that patients receive a cooling cap, which is delivered to their home and retained for the duration of their treatment. During treatment, Paxman offers advice and support, ensuring the cap is fitted correctly so patients get the maximum possible benefit.

Claire says: “We really pride ourselves on this personal approach, and all our team are passionate about helping everyone gain the best possible experience.

“Cancer treatment is a difficult journey and removing some of the stresses of hospital visits goes a long way toward easing this process. It means the world to us that we’re able to help people in this way.”