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Developing a comprehensive support program in Europe


Sciensus is a leading provider of Patient Support Programs (PSPs). These bespoke programs are delivered by highly qualified Healthcare Professionals (HCPs), either remotely or face-to-face, across the whole of Europe.

The client, a US-based leading biotech firm, has developed a pioneering therapy for an ultra-rare paediatric disorder that causes rapid ageing and early death.

By harnessing our extensive knowledge and expertise we designed, developed and implemented a patient support program for our client which helps transform the lives of young patients.

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We helped our client access and support new patients

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Patients have greater trust in and control of their therapy

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Patient surveys provide valuable real-world data

The objective

Creating a support service that improves the lives of patients and their families

The client understood the importance of a support service in order to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment.
This involved providing support to children and their caregivers in managing any side effects as effectively as possible, providing educational and emotional support to assist with daily challenges, and improving overall health outcomes.

Patient Support Program in Europe: Challenges

The challenge

Overcoming the obstacles faced by patients

The pioneering, first-to-market, therapy can have mild to severe side effects. These usually subside after the initial few weeks of a patient taking the medicine. However, there is a risk that patients cease taking their treatment as a result of these side effects – which is why it’s so important they have a strong support network.
Children and their families also face complex daily challenges such as struggling to find useful tips and advice on how to cope with day-to-day living; access to normal schooling; and finding specialist HCPs who understand the disease and can help them manage their condition more comfortably.

The solution

Working with Sciensus to create a support program

Sciensus supported the client by devising a comprehensive tailor-made service that involved both remote and face-to-face assistance.
This included:


Extensive research carried out by talking to the relevant support groups and examining data about the disease, the treatment and its side-effects.


An extensive training program for the healthcare professionals involved in the program.


The development of a nurse-led school intervention program.

Delivering the best results for both clients and patients

Benefits for the patients:

  • The PSP provides patients and their families with a seamless experience in terms of access to treatment and support.
  • Patients and their families have access to a network of HCPs who can help make their life easier. This ranges from offering advice on how to manage any side effects, to making it easier to pick up their medication.
  • The PSP offers dietary tips and advice on weight management that can help the patient on a daily basis.
  • The patient has greater control through the program as it increases their knowledge and choice, as well as offering easier access to health experts. Together, these things significantly improve the child’s quality of life.

Benefits for the client:

  • Thanks to our clinical team working with HCPs in Europe we have supported the company in gaining more patients in the EU.
  • Both the children and their parents felt reassured and more comfortable to start the treatment when they understood this high level of support was available to them throughout the program.
  • By monitoring the side effects, the client has full confidence that we can address any challenges that arise. 
  • The patient survey provides important information about the impact of the program which is shared with the client.
  • Gaining just a single new patient for the client helps cover the cost of the whole PSP in Europe.