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Gain key insights: the benefits of digitally collecting PROMs to study patient wellbeing

PROMs are a valuable source of real-world data. They can help us to understand more about patient experiences with different treatment options and provide ongoing insight into the safety and efficacy of drugs.

For this reason, it’s vital that we find new ways through which to drive patient engagement with key PROM tools and make it as simple as possible for them to participate.

This paper reviews evidence that suggests that ePROMs could be one way to encourage improved participation among cancer patients. The paper also explores the ways in which Sciensus is applying technology to collect ePROMs from the thousands of patients they support each year.

This insightful article covers:

  • What PROMs can be collected
  • What barriers there are to collecting PROMs in cancer care
  • How ePROMs can support improvements in ongoing HRQoL monitoring
  • Case studies and RWE of the impact and efficacy of ePROMs

Download this exclusive article to see how ePROMs are instrumental in studying patient wellbeing.